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Hand Poured Shampoo Bar

Hand Poured Shampoo Bar

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The only base oil used in this all-natural shampoo bar is coconut oil. It thoroughly cleans the hair, then adds back moisture by leaving a little coconut oil behind. Those who use shampoo bars regularly love this peppermint and rosemary formula, which leaves your scalp tingly clean. The lather on this bar is incredible!


Important notes about shampoo bars:


1. Solid shampoo bars function best when used with SOFT water. If you have hard water, the soap molecules will "grab" the minerals in the hard water and leave waxy deposits in your hair. To help combat this, we recommend using a vinegar rinse. This will help balance scalp pH and remove build up.


2. If this is your first time ever using a shampoo bar, there will be a break-in period…particularly if you have long hair. As your hair detoxes and acclimates to a detergent-less shampoo, it might look funky for a little bit. This frustrates some folks, but if you hold in there for a couple of weeks, it WILL complete the detox and become soft and silky. The benefits of a chemical and plastic-free shampoo will be worth the pain in the ass of the break-in period. Tough it out!


Ingredients: Coconut oil, aloe juice, sodium hydroxide (lye), pure essential oils.

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